Girlfriends day August 1st,is it actually for lovers as people seem to think it is?

First what do the term friend imply, it means different things to different people.But friends are people who should be there for you when you need them and when you don’t,they should be pals that would have your back anytime anyday no matter the situation and circumstance. Friends are always with you,through thick and thing,when its bright and when its dark, when it sweet and when it sour,friends are always around.girlfriend refers to our female friends as we’re all aware.

Girlfriends day has so many controversies surrounding it and it still hasn’t been confirmed till date where it originated from.The most commonly recognized is the story of Mistress Susan who said she created and celebrated the day in 2004 as an opportunity/chance for girls to show gratitude to one’s an avenue for girls hangout, they do all sort of girls stuff together like visiting spa’s,going shopping just for the sake of being together and all.

Jobs will come and go,romantic partners will come and go,but your real girlfriends will still be there with us to help you pass through it all, though there might be hurdles along thethe line,that’s what makes us friends and its also what makes the journey worthwhile.So international girlfriends day is a day set aside for girls to enjoy each others company,not   what people are taking it as, lover’s has made us ignore the true essence of world Gf’s day they are Gradually turning it into a second Valentine.let’s girls go out and treat each other well on this day, fill one another on the latest gossip in town unhindered.

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Other facts about August 1st

Aside from it being girlfriends day, there are several celebrations attached to it.It is PARENTS RESPECT DAY,a special day to appreciate our folks for the love and care they have showered upon us,their patience in bringing us up,to show our parents they did a fine job in nurturing us and we’re grateful to them.Its also referred to as PLANNERS DAY as the popular saying goes “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail” it’s a day to think about our life’s so far, our goals and dreams, what we want to achieve and what we’ve achieved,to map out strategies on betterment of our current lifestyle. To set long term goals and move towards achieving them. There’s also the WORLD WIDE WEB DAY, THE YORKSHIRE DAY.

So let’s all get out there,celebrate and make the day special.

Is Big brother naija what we need right now or not?

The economy is depleting daily,important businesses are on hold,place of worship on lockdown,schools aren’t opening soon,leader’s of tomorrow are at home While bbn has kicked off.Is that the most important thing to do right now?

Market places where people mix more than anywhere else are operating,the future of Nigerian students are still undecided while a show that has no obvious relevance is ongoing,we have several sponsors for the show donating thousands to support them while educational sectors are lacking in basic equipment to combat the corona virus pandemic.

Youths that are the most affected are also the one’s urging this show on,we are happily watching this porn show in disguise of big brother at the same time making sweet comments about it sending them words of encouragement. A certain friend was asked”what is the relevance of this show to you or what do you learn from it,and his reply was that it teaches people how to live together ” if that’s anything to go by. Has the fellow been living all alone all this while or he/she lived with animals all their life?

This episode of big brother has nothing to offer us in this situation we are in presently,a show that teaches people how to bed each other isn’t what is needed during crisis rather the energy should be pummeled into looking for possible relief measures to ease the ongoing hardships people are should be channelled in other directions that would benefit rather than corrupt the already straying youths of today.

If schools and other educational sectors that are seen as the hope for  a better tomorrow are on hold,then every other thing should be kept at bay.

What do you think? Let’s hear your thought in the comment section below.

Article on teens pregnancy

As teenagers,we are at pre-adult stage. We tend to try doing all adult stuff,teenagers always want to mimick adult in all their ways when in true sense we are just being unnecessarily childish.The problems teens face today especially females that are at the peak of their life,they do all sort of things by going headfirst them think of the consequence later on.

Teenager’s should be allowed some level of exposure,we shouldn’t be overprotected so as not to feel confined and go overboard at the slightest opportunity.

Research has shown that over 50% of teens today are pregnant with some roaming the street homeless. Teenage pregnancy shouldn’t be viewed as a thing of shame,rather it should be seen as an opportunity or avenue to educate others on the dangers,disadvantages and trauma associated with getting pregnant at a young age.

The need for people not to see it as a stigma.

Wrong view about pregnant teens has lead to so many young girls doing the unthinkable such as committing suicide, absconding from home,becoming street urchins,possibility of Falling victims to ritualist’s among others. Because they cannot face the consequence of their action, the shame and cold shoulder’s they would be receiving from the community as a whole.

Pregnancy at a young age isn’t right yes!but victims shouldn’t be treated as if they caught the plague, they should be showered much love and care at this period because they are the most vulnerable and are already feeling low at this time. They should be shown that”life goes on,their dream’s and goals aren’t over yet and can still be achieved “they should be given the opportunity to right their wrong.

Today’s teenager’s will become leader’s of tomorrow and they should be treated as such.pregnant teens shouldn’t be turned into an outcast simply because they made a mistake that cannot be rectified but can be well utilized.“some mistakes are made in life but that doesn’t mean we have to suffer for them for the rest of our life’s ” just as the saying goes,“it ain’t over till its over.

What’s your take on this?drop a comment below.

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